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4 Bedroom Home, Route 14, Sodus, NY


Right Home Solutions 2008

4 Bedroom Home

5842 Route 14,
Sodus, NY 14551

Country home on over 2 acres with a creek.
  • Four (4) bedrooms
  • Porch
  • Convenient to everything
  • Large lot, 2.2 Acres
  • Affordable living
  • Half the assessed value!

Purchase Price:  $29,900 Wholesale Cash

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We offer the following:

  1. Free credit counseling
  2. Work for Equity - The cost of approved and installed materials come directly off of the purchase price (ex:  paint, carpet, dry wall)
  3. We Guarantee you will love the house - or you can transfer your funds to one of our other houses.  We are always buying houses so chances are we will get something you like.  Based on case by case approval.
  4. We accept trade (anything of value, for example:  jewelry, automobiles, stocks, bonds, mobile homes)
  5. Down payment on a house is a valid use of a 401k
  6. Down payment assistance program - we match your down payment over the minimum down up to 10% of the price of the home.